The Friday Sessions

This is just a follow up on the training theme. I am trailing a more dedicated training session for a small group of people. The sessions are every fortnight at this stage and are all out of armour.

The first part of the session was circuit work were everyone rotates around various exercises. You perform the exercise for one minute with a 20 second rest to change stations. We went through this twice.

The stations were:

  • Boxing
  • Turkish get-ups with a 2kg weight 
  • Squat presses with either 2kg or 5kg weights depending on your level
  • Step jumps/step up
  • Kettle bell swings

Most of us simply do not do enough physical training outside of running around in armour. This little circuit is not going to do much but a number of people were talking about having to do some extra training.

We then did some basic pell work, running though all the basic cuts with a focus on maintaining good form, distance, flow and foot position/balance.

The main part of the session was working though thrusts. Firstly I explained about direct thrusts and then cut, rolling returns and thrust.

We worked though these on the pells first and then paring off, worked though the basic forms and then a number of pays involving thrusts.

The idea of the session is to focus on only one or two ideas and do a LOT of repetitions to ‘hard wire’ the movements in.

As the students get used to this format I will probably make the starting work out harder (skipping rope is your friend) and up the repetitions.

For the pell drills we used our usual training swords of rattan with a cross hilt and the training round shields. For the partner stuff we moved to soft swords (Action Flex, expensive but they work well) and shields. The use of the soft swords means we can do a lot of striking without armour and waring people out.

Now looking forward to the next session.


2 thoughts on “The Friday Sessions

  1. JT

    Sounds pretty good.
    Most drills and exercises, while designed for Sword and shield, i could adapt to train more with the bastard sword right?

    I would be keen do to some of the exercises and drills you mentioned in the previous post. Practice just defending and looking for the gaps, parry and repost drill, fakes and creating openings, keeping pressure. Flows from guard to guard, a good block and home position after throwing an attack. I’m aiming to avoid more of the double kill situations i keep ending up with. I felt a definite improvement Sunday, but it is something that will take time and i need to do more practice and drills that are not just free sparing. I need to remember to ask my opponent to do some drills and exercises with me rather than just bouting.

  2. JT-
    You are correct, the basic idea of developing some common pays and then drilling them to death is the way to go. I was intending to do some work with Simon to develop some 2hander stuff.
    Given there is a few people doing 2H stuff I should prioritise this a bit more and get Payden, Angus and you working on your own stuff.

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